Achievements are rewarded to the player when reaching certain milestones or completing a challenge. There are a total of 12 achievements in the game.

Achievement GuideEdit

  • Get A Cube - Find your very first cube shard.

Contrary to the description, this achievement is obtained by collecting 8 Cube Shards to form a Cube Bit. This is already mandatory for you to do in the starting Village.

  • Equal And Opposite - Find an Anti-Cube.

You'll get this achievement when you find your first Anti-Cube.

  • Sum Total - Find ALL collectibles.

You'll receive this achievement once you find all 32 Cube Bits, all 32 Anti-Cubes, all 4 artifacts, and all 9 Treasure Maps. Unless you cheat, this should be the last achievement you obtain.

  • Kill Screen - Get to the end.

You'll get this achievement upon finishing the game at least once. Your completion percent does not matter, but you will at least have to have 32 cubes (either all 32 Cube Bits, or a combination between Cube Bits and Anti-Cubes equaling 32).

  • Hexahedronaut - Collect all 32 Golden Cubes and 32 Anti-Cubes.

Obtain every Cube Bit and Anti-Cube in the game to receive this achievement.

  • Haikus Not Epic - Find the Tome artifact.

You'll get this achievement once you find the Tome Artifact.

  • Phrenologist - Find the Skull artifact.

You'll get this achievement once you find the Skull Artifact.

  • Mightier Than the Sword - Find the Writing Cube artifact.

You'll get this achievement once you find the Writing Cube Artifact.

  • A Numbers Game - Find the Counting Cube artifact.

You'll get this achievement once you find the Counting Cube Artifact.

  • Warp Zone - Reactivate all 5 warp gates.

You'll receive this achievement over the course of the game, after finding and activating the 5 major Warp Gates in each of the main Hub areas.

  • Cryptographer - Break the code.

When you find the room with the QR code, scan and translate it. Then input the code to receive the achievement:


This is also the same code used to obtain the Anti-Cube in the Mayor's Room.

  • Achievement Unlocked - RTRTLTRTRTLTLTLT

Simply enter the code displayed in the achievement description to obtain it:


This will also give you an Anti-Cube.