Gomez's Room
Fez GomezRoom2D
Gomez wakes up at the start of the game.
Type Room
Area Village Area
Warp Gate No
Collectibles None

Gomez's Room is one of the many rooms encountered in Fez. Being the home of the main character, this is where the game initially begins.


This room serves as your starting point at the beginning of the game, but there is nothing to be done here. Upon receiving your Fez, the game will reset and you will find yourself waking up in this room again. The same thing will happen again during each ending sequence (after collecting certain upgrades).


There are no collectibles in this room.


  • This room has a drum set displaying the Polytron logo.
  • The poster right above the drum set depicts a location referencing the main title screen of the first Legend of Zelda game.
  • For some reason, the hex image of this room on the world map is missing all its wall posters, as well as the lights along the ceiling.